What are the benefits of a collaboration between Henchman & Contractify? 

To better service legal professionals, the partnership with Henchman provides a contract drafting solution that helps users gain time, achieve greater consistency in the overall quality of their contracts, and access the collective knowledge of their team. By completing the contract management lifecycle together, we enable legal professionals to turn into data-driven legal teams that outperform their competition, from contract creation to follow-up.

About Henchman

Henchman enables legal professionals to draft and negotiate complex and bespoke contracts faster, in Microsoft Word, by automatically retrieving previously written clauses from their contract repository.

For the end-user, Henchman is a Microsoft Word plug-in that allows its users to do three things: 

  1. Snipe for specific clauses
  2. Browse for inspiration
  3. Review for variations

The technology is system and language agnostic (meaning it can be connected to any database) and requires no setup or maintenance, which aligns with Contractify’s mission to be the most accessible contract solution to its users.

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