Contractify contract management automation with e-signing, proactive notifications, team tasks and support services

Automated contract
management that inspires

Neglected renewals, missed opportunities and inefficient contract management flows are a thing of the past. Here’s to having more time for what really matters in your business!

Stay informed and inspired. Always one step ahead.

Do you often lose time looking for contracts?


of all contracts are untraceable when you need them

Our optimized search lets you find the right contract in the blink of an eye. Anywhere, anytime.

Do you get what you negotiated?


of contracts are not executed correctly

We make sure you know your contracts by providing an automatically generated summary.

Do you know when final termination dates are approaching?


of contracts are tacitly or automatically renewed

Using our A.I. backed algorithm, we notify you right on time so you never miss an opportunity again.

Ready to be on top of your contracts?
Contract Management as a Service
More time for what really matters in your business

Having over 10 years of experience, our experts help your organization to register your active contracts and become a more efficient organization.

If you want us to go the extra mile, we can be your contract administrator for all new contract registrations, changes, and much more.

Don’t just take our word for it. Take theirs.

Carin A.
Management assistant Vivaldis

"Contractify just brings me peace of mind on so many levels. The most important thing for me? Having everything conveniently located together and getting timely notifications for areas of concern. The cloud software also makes working from home a lot easier."

Margaux M.
Legal administrative assistant Meat & More

"With Contractify, we've given our legal structure a strong foundation. All our contracts are managed in 1 place, we receive automatic termination date notifications and visibly reduce risks & costs. In less than 1,5h/week, we now manage contracts of over 200 branches!"

Cathérine T.
Head of Office Experience Insites

"The software is of course easy to use and data gets stored greatly, but the personal service you get with the software makes it a full package. It is a great help to get a monthly reminder of the pending items + the documents missing to properly store and finalize a contract."

Elien V.
Het Poetsbureau

"The support given by the staff at Contractify is truly outstanding. For our project, they were accessible each and every day and the response time was super short. Contractify actively helps to find solutions. It must be said that this is very exceptional compared to other software implementers."

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Discover how contract management can make your business more efficient with contract centralization and fluent workflows.

How to introduce contract management in your company

kick-off guide
Contract management is easy to implement. In this step-by-step guide you discover how easy exactly and what your first steps in contract management are. 

The business contract checklist

You think you do not have that many contracts in your company (yet)? Let's take the test! We guarantee you will discover more contracts than you thought you would. Download this checklist to regain control over them.

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