CFO's & finance teams

Maximizing contract value with Contractify

Regain financial overview on contracts

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    All contracts & related documents at your fingertips in 1 secure centralized contract repository
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    Keep contract intelligence available with contract logs
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    Integrate your favourite tools with the contract library
Start regaining financial overview
Collaborate and automate your contracts with Contractify

Optimize financial governance & efficiency

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    Reduce time spent on repetitive contract admin with AI-features like Ada
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    Find any contract in 5 seconds with extended search filters and full-document search
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    Set up consistent procedures for contract approval, signing & follow-up
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    Launch custom approval flows for different contract types or departments
Optimize your efficiency with Contractify
Sign contracts digitally with contractify

Minimize profit erosion

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    Never miss a contract deadline with automated contract tasks & reminders
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    Keep a simple contract helicopter view across all departments
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    Build a future-proof data room for your next due diligence
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    Get started in less than 2 weeks: no endless trainings or costly IT implementation
Start reducing profit erosion today
Collaborate and automate your contracts with Contractify

Are you still using spreadsheets and cloud storages to manage your contacts?

Excel + shared drive

Excel & Numbers are calculation tools, they do not send automatic notifications and do not contain exact contracts.

Difficult to manage access rights to both the Excel file & the related contracts on a shared drive

Rather complex set-up, high risk of someone breaking a formula or delete a file (version)

IT-intensive: integrations & adaptations can only be done by custom set-ups or by anyone, which gets really messy


Finance + business tool: accessible to all teams for cross-department collaboration

Stores all contracts throughout the company to provide a complete overview in a secured environment

Renowned for its user-friendliness

Affordable solution that can grow along with your team

Modular, customizable tool that gets you started in under 2 weeks, no need for IT involvement

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What's your contract automation ROI?

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