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Maximizing profitability with Contractify

Regain absolute control over your business without micromanaging

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    Keep a simple contract helicopter view across all departments in 1 secure centralized contract repository
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    Keep a contract log to keep all contract intelligence at your fingertips, even when someone leaves the company
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    Integrate all your business tools with the contract library to accomplish 1 source of truth
Get an overview over your contracts
Collaborate and automate your contracts with Contractify

Optimize governance & process efficiency

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    Reduce time spent on repetitive contract admin with AI-features like Ada
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    Get projects started up to 3x faster with straightforward procedures for contract approval & signing
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    Be prepared for your next due diligence with Contractify's future-proof data room
Start optimizing your business processes
Sign contracts digitally with contractify

How can you maximize profit & shareholder value?

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    Never miss a contract deadline with automated contract tasks & reminders
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    Protect your organisation from liabilities with custom approval flows for different contract types & departments
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    Get started in less than 2 weeks: no endless trainings or costly IT implementation
Get the most out of your contracts
Collaborate and automate your contracts with Contractify

Are you still using ERP systems and cloud storages to manage your contracts?


ERP’s treat every document the same, rather generalist software that often lacks follow-up enablement features

High degree of personalisation but risk of ending up with very complex procedures that are difficult to modify.

Expensive solution, both financially as in terms of time invested in training & maintenance.

IT-intensive: integrations & adaptations can only be done by custom set-ups or by anyone, which gets really messy


Specifically built to securely store and manage contracts, including all addenda or mails, in a central library.

360° business tool: accessible to all teams, renowned for its user-friendliness & adaptiveness

Affordable solution that can grow along with your team

Modular, customizable tool that gets you started in under 2 weeks, no need for IT involvement

Integrate with your favourite tools

Why business leaders rely on Contractify’s expertise