Don’t just take our word for it. Take theirs.

Peter Baert
CFO MIG Motors

Thanks to Contractify, after just one year of collaboration, we were able to account for total annual cost savings of more than €40,000. Moreover, the workload of our employees has been noticeably reduced. Working with Contractify really is an enrichment for our process organization.

Carin A.
Management assistant Vivaldis

"Contractify just brings me peace of mind on so many levels. The most important thing for me? Having everything conveniently located together and getting timely notifications for areas of concern. The cloud software also makes working from home a lot easier."

Margaux M.
Legal assistant Meat & More

"With Contractify, we've given our legal structure a strong foundation. All our contracts are managed in 1 place, we receive automatic termination date notifications and visibly reduce risks & costs. In less than 1,5h/week, we now manage contracts of over 200 branches!"

Cathérine T.
Head of Office Experience Insites

"The software is of course easy to use and data gets stored greatly, but the personal service you get with the software makes it a full package. It is a great help to get a monthly reminder of the pending items + the documents missing to properly store and finalize a contract."