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Margaux M.
Legal administrative assistant Meat & More

"Together with Contractify, we've given our legal structure a strong foundation. All our contracts are managed in one place and we are automatically notified of termination dates, reducing risks and costs to a minimum. In less than 1,5h/week, we now manage over 200 branches and in-house contracts!"

Cathérine T.
Head of Office Experience

"The software is of course easy to use and data gets stored greatly, but the personal service you get with the software makes it a full package. It is a great help to get a monthly reminder of the pending items + the documents missing to properly store and finalize a contract."

Elien V.
Het Poetsbureau

"The support given by the staff at Contractify is truly outstanding. For our project, they were accessible each and every day and the response time was super short. Contractify actively helps to find solutions. It must be said that this is very exceptional compared to other software implementers."

Tim Duhamel
CSO Insites Consulting

"Enormous responsiveness and dedication to do a perfect job. It is a pleasure to work with the team at Contractify. With their service and accompanying saas environment, they make it easy to follow up on contracts. Highly recommended!"