Your virtual vault with Contractify

We make sure your documents & data are safe, from secure digital signing to meticulous security measures.

Collaborate and automate your contracts with Contractify

Secure e-signing

Connective & DocuSign's e-signing integration allows Contractify users to safely sign any contract with Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES), Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) and Simple Electronic Signatures (SES).

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Sign contracts digitally with contractify

Encrypted back-up storage

With Contractify, you will never lose any of your important data thanks to our secured Digital Ocean & Amazon AWS backup. We also provide an Escrow arrangement to provide our services in any circumstance.

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Collaborate and automate your contracts with Contractify

Periodic penetration testing

We are constantly looking to improve security and keep track of possible vulnerabilities. This is why we have periodic penetration testing in place to keep our platform secure and fully functional.

Extra security measures

Qualis A+ label for Contractify
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

To prevent user credentials from being stolen, we use bank-like SSL-encryption (SHA-256 with RSA Encryption) on our cloud solution, which is rated A+ by Qualys SSL Labs. Our security measure also supports MITM-attack protection, which makes sure no transferred data is left unsecured.

Our GDPR policies

Our data processing agreement gives you more information on how we process and store personal data from the app. A full overview of our sub-processors' DPA's can be found on our sub-processors page.

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