Everything you need to stay on top of your contracts

Never miss an opportunity or automatic renewal again. Get on board & monetize the full value of your contracts with contract automation.


Speed up & secure your digital signing process.

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    Improve security with legally binding digital signatures
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    Track your signing statuses & send reminders with approval flows
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    Work more fluently with contracts ready for follow-up right after signing
Contract overview and summaries

Access all your contracts in one secured space.

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    Track each document’s status, start date & renewal date in 1 overview.
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    Know what is in your contracts with a glance at contract summaries
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    Find any document through powerful contract filters
Contractify contract management dashboard
Automated tasks and notifications

Automatically delegate & follow up contract actions.

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    Collaborate on contracts with customisable approval flows
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    Log any changes with version control & built-in communication
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    Proactively follow up on contracts with automated e-mail notifications
More features
User management & permissions
  • Keep all team members aligned on one shared platform
  • Control who gets to see what with access rights
  • Assign team managers
Dashboards & reporting
  • Receive personalized reports
  • Build reports with the data you want
  • Gain insights from a large amount of contract data

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Take a look at our customers' success stories

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"Contractify just brings me peace of mind on so many levels. The most important thing for me? Having everything conveniently located together and getting timely notifications for areas of concern. The cloud software also makes working from home a lot easier."

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Carin A.
Management assistant Vivaldis
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"With Contractify, we've given our legal structure a strong foundation. All our contracts are managed in 1 place, we receive automatic termination date notifications and visibly reduce risks & costs. In less than 1,5h/week, we now manage contracts of over 200 branches!"

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Margaux M.
Legal assistant Meat & More
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Thanks to Contractify, after just one year of collaboration, we were able to account for total annual cost savings of more than €40,000. Moreover, the workload of our employees has been noticeably reduced. Working with Contractify really is an enrichment for our process organization.

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Peter Baert
CFO MIG Motors
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"The support given by the staff at Contractify is truly outstanding. For our project, they were accessible each and every day and the response time was super short. Contractify actively helps to find solutions. It must be said that this is very exceptional compared to other software implementers."

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Elien V.
Het Poetsbureau
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