Legal counsels

Legal is not responsible for contracts, so why does everyone think you are?

Sign contracts faster online with secured e-signing in Contractify

Stop being the contracts mail man: let others sign legally checked contracts

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    Get involved in every contract that needs a legal review
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    Track any document’s status throughout the contract flow
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    Keep a helicopter view of all contracts, even throughout different legal entities
Improve your contract process

Regain control over your contracts & reduce paralegal workload

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    Have all contracts & related documents at your fingertips in 1 secure centralized contract repository
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    Find any contract in 5 seconds with extended search filters and full-document search... or let others find it themselves!
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    Let artificial intelligence do your paralegal contract administration
Get your contracts organized
Automate your contract management efforts with contractify

Work together in the most user-friendly contract platform

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    Easily delegate & track contract tasks to other departments in 1 platform
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    Get started in under 2 weeks, without extensive training or IT wizardry
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    Easily integrate the tools you love to work with
Facilitate your contract management

Are you still using cumbersome legal software to manage your contacts?

Full suite legal software

Legal management tool like: only accessible to legal (e.g. Legisway,...)

Only contains the more complex contracts in which legal is playing an active role

Rather complex set-up, expensive solutions, focussed on big legal teams

IT-intensive: integrations & adaptations can only be done by custom set-ups


Legal + business tool: accessible to all teams for cross-department collaboration

Stores all contracts throughout the company to provide a complete overview in a secured environment

Renowned for its user-friendliness & artificial intelligence support

Affordable solution that can grow along with your team

Modular, customizable tool that gets you started in under 2 weeks, no need for IT involvement

Integrate with your favourite tools

Why in-house legals rely on Contractify’s AI & expertise

Want to get your legal department organized?

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