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Contractify contract management dashboard

Do you know when final termination dates are approaching?

70% of contracts are tacitly or automatically renewed

Using our A.I. backed algorithm, we notify you right on time so you never miss an opportunity again.

30% of contracts are not executed correctly

We make sure you know your contracts by providing an automatically generated summary.

25% of all contracts are untraceable when you need them

Our optimised search lets you find the right contract in the blink of an eye. Anywhere, anytime.

The only contract management tool you’ll ever need

Contractify e-signing approval flows


Collaborate on contracts with built-in communication and automated task-management.

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    Approval & signing flows
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    Customisable access for both internal & external users
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    Version control
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    User management & permissions
digital signature flow from negotiation, over approval, to signing and follow-up


certified signatures

Get documents and contracts signed faster with our wide offer of integrations.


Decentralise all of your contracts with follow-up tasks. Accessible anywhere and anytime in the cloud.

  • Get notified about automatic renewals
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    Tasks created based on metadata
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    Status & summary overview of all contracts
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    Reporting & analytics

Everything you need to stay on top of your contracts

Full text search - OCR

Easily search through the content of all your documents and contracts.


Build reports the way you want with our dynamic dashboards.

Contract summaries

Know your contracts at a glance with automated contract summaries.


Contractify tells everyone when action is required with built-in tasks. Never miss an opportunity again.

Approval flows

Smoothly keep an overview of what stage a document is in and securely collaborate with internal & external parties.

User management and permissions

Control who gets to see what documents or contracts, and assign team managers.

Custom fields

We fit to your structure. Add custom fields and make Contractify work the way you want.

Version control

Work together, all on the same version. Want to know what changed? Have a look at older versions.

Audit trail

Our audit trail gives you all the information you need for due diligence.

Ready to be on top of your contracts?
Contract Management as a Service
Is your contract management taking too much time?

Our experienced consultants help you and your team with

> contract registration & reporting
> spotting opportunities in existing contracts
> making sure you don't miss any important deadlines

Schedule a demo today to discuss your contract management needs with a contract expert. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Take theirs.

Tim Duhamel
CSO Insites Consulting
5-star rating

"Enormous responsiveness and dedication to do a perfect job. It is a pleasure to work with the team at Contractify. With their service and accompanying saas environment, they make it easy to follow up on contracts. Highly recommended!"

Cathérine T.
Head of Office Experience Insites
5-star rating

"The software is of course easy to use and data gets stored greatly, but the personal service you get with the software makes it a full package. It is a great help to get a monthly reminder of the pending items + the documents missing to properly store and finalize a contract."

Carin A.
Management assistant Vivaldis
5-star rating

"Contractify just brings me peace of mind on so many levels. The most important thing for me? Having everything conveniently located together and getting timely notifications for areas of concern. The cloud software also makes working from home a lot easier."

Margaux M.
Legal assistant Meat & More
5-star rating

"With Contractify, we've given our legal structure a strong foundation. All our contracts are managed in 1 place, we receive automatic termination date notifications and visibly reduce risks & costs. In less than 1,5h/week, we now manage contracts of over 200 branches!"

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The biggest pitfall with contracts, is not accessing their full value. This whitepaper shows you how to avoid the main pitfalls in contract management and helps optimize your business processes.

How to introduce contract management in your company

kick-off guide
Contract management can be really easy to implement. In this step-by-step guide you discover how to take your first steps in better contract management. 

The business contract checklist

How many contracts do you really have? Let's take the test! We guarantee you will discover more contracts than you thought you would. Download this checklist to regain control over them.

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