Institute for Company Lawyers (IBJ/IJE)

What are the benefits of a collaboration between Institute for Company Lawyers (IBJ/IJE) & Contractify?

Usually, installing legal technology means more for company lawyers than just implementing software. It plays a major role in how data and projects are managed and it influences how (legal) departments work together. The IBJ is aware of the challenges this may bring and therefore collaborates with Contractify within the 'Legal Tech: Help or hype' initiative. The aim of this project is to familiarize company lawyers with centralized contract management by providing a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences and best-practices.

About Institution for Legal Counsels (IBJ/IJE)

The Institute for Company Lawyers established by law on 1 March 2000, is the federal society for in-house lawyers and has more than 2,100 members. The Institute represents and protects the needs and interests of the profession in general and of company lawyers in particular.

In addition, the IBJ is a valuable and dynamic network that aims to create unity for its members. For instance by facilitating and encouraging company lawyers to come together and exchange and share information on the latest trends and developments within their profession.

How can this collaboration help you?

  • Connection with the official society for company lawyers;
  • Access to a valuable network and a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences;
  • Information about the digitalization of legal teams and facilitating the implementation.
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