Legal Manager

What is the benefit of a collaboration between Legal Manager & Contractify?

Digitising and registering contracts is often a very time-consuming job, in which accuracy plays a hugely important role. Legal Manager's experts have the right experience to structure and track each document in a structured and meticulous way in a system like Contractify. The legal experts will also take care of reviewing key terms and setting up system alerts and flags, first-line checks and correctness checks so that you never forget another critical contract action.  This makes a partnership with Legal Manager the perfect solution for organisations that don't have the resources internally for proper contract monitoring.

About Legal Manager

Legal Manager was founded in 2019 by Jan-Willem Prakke and Harm Bavinck. As the General-Counsel of several large companies in the Netherlands, such as Schiphol Airport and Boskalis, Jan-Willem always had difficulty gaining and keeping full control over all legal data. Harm Bavinck, founder of the legal tech company Effacts, has been involved in the management of legal data for many years. Subsequently, together with their team of legal professionals, they focus 100% on elevating legal departments through Legal Operations Consultancy, Support and Outsourcing.

How can we help you?

  • Submitting and structuring contract data
  • Reporting on contract performance
  • Corporate housekeeping & compliance
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