What are the benefits of a collaboration between BridgeToAngels & Contractify? 

The collaboration between BridgeToAngels and Contractify helps professionals, ventures and entrepreneurs on all levels of maturity to keep a clear and robust track of all contracts and documents.

To us, Contractify is the most intuitive cloud contract management platform on the market for both early-stage and later-stage Startup ventures. The contract management software provides all the essential milestones the ventures have (like volume discounts, price increases, restitutions, etc.) and combines it with time-saving functionalities like e-signing, contract summaries and elaborated search options. We believe our partnership with Contractify helps us to build a robust structure for you that provides ease of mind to your investors, customers, suppliers and employees. 

About BridgeToAngels

BridgeToAngels is a Startup service provider that provides support, elevates your venture, and works hands-on with you through every step of the Startup process. One of our most important services is to deliver a thorough review and analysis of your venture, including studying enterprise risks and risk mitigation activities. The team has a solid background as investors in non-listed Nordic companies, as well as lawyers specialised in securing that your venture has legally binding contracts and agreements with your stakeholders, ensuring the protection of your intellectual property rights.

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