Realising a fluent flow from drafting to follow-up

What are the benefits of a collaboration between ClauseBase & Contractify?

ClauseBase and Contractify have teamed up to make your document drafting workflow even more efficient. Draft your documents in ClauseBase and send them to Contractify with one click of a button. All relevant data – from contracting party to commencement date – is automatically exported. The solutions go hand-in-hand, allowing legal professionals to streamline their contract creation and contract management process.

About ClauseBase

  • ClauseBase makes legal document drafting simple and efficient. It is the most complete and most feature-rich legal drafting solution on the market, covering the entire spectrum of legal drafting. From clause libraries up to automating static templates and highly flexible documents that require ultimate legal sophistication — we have you covered!
  • ClauseBase is not only completely multilingual (with deep grammatical support for many languages), but also multi-paradigm. It allows legal professionals to choose the automation approach: simple automation within Word, ultimate control over flexible documents in a browser environment, assisted memo drafting in Outlook, or even advanced integrations with an API.
  • In the meantime, they have also launched ClauseBuddy, a Microsoft Word plugin that allows users to combine smart templates with a library of pre-approved clauses to ensure error-free contracts. Users can create libraries of clauses and commonly used text extracts directly from MS Word and MS Outlook. By sharing clauses and supplementing them with legal knowledge, legal teams can increase the quality of their documents while speeding up the writing process.

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