Contract Management as a Service (CMaaS)

What are the benefits of a collaboration between EY Law & Contractify?

Our collaboration allows us to build upon each other’s strengths and offer a new solution called Contract Management as a Service (CMaaS). CMaaS aims to be the holistic approach to the contract management needs of every organization. From an effective creation and screening process to the day-to-day contract management and even a strategic approach to the management of contracts, CMaaS is tailored to the needs of your organization.

Our collaboration uses the technology and platform of Contractify and other partners and enhances it with an array of tailor-made legal services by specialized lawyers from EY Law. This allows you to leverage technology and AI to effectively manage your contracts, save time and resources, and put the focus back on your business.

Some examples of the legal services EY Law can provide in this context are:

  • Setting up an AI contract screening service for all types of contracts with custom reporting templates and screening topics
  • Reporting on outstanding issues, triggering ad-hoc support and escalation for legal or compliance issues
  • Helping you prepare for due diligence or reviews
  • Identifying optimization opportunities
  • Drafting a legal play book for contract negotiations and many more.

About EY Law

EY Law is a business law firm acting for domestic and foreign companies. Our 50+ lawyers have an entrepreneurial, innovative and solution-based approach that has earned us an outstanding reputation in the market. We are an independent law firm with access to the international EY Law network of legal practices affiliated to EY. The EY Law network currently consists of 3,500+ qualified legal professionals in 90+ countries. EY Law has a truly global footprint.

We understand that legal solutions must, above all, also be practical solutions for our clients. This starts with concise and clear communications with our clients. A practical approach focusing on our clients’ needs. Our legal professionals draw on their diverse perspectives and skills to give our clients a seamless service through all the challenges of law, whilst ensuring a single point of contact for all our clients’ questions.

We understand our clients’ markets, their business aspirations and the business challenges they face. This has driven the industry-focused approach within our firm, enabling us to build (multidisciplinary) teams with deep experience in a number of sectors. Our strategic alliance with EY Tax advisors enables us to co-operate with EY if this is beneficial to our clients. This means that we can offer legal services as part of a multidisciplinary team, with only one designated contact for the client.

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