What are the benefits of a collaboration between ICTRecht & Contractify?

ICTRecht and Contractify combined stand for years of experience and expertise in legal technology for contract management. The legal consultants of ICTRecht connect their Dutch clients with the software of Contractify, and in collaboration with Contractify's consultants, take care of a smooth and successful implementation of the contract management software tool.

About ICTRecht

ICTRecht has been providing services for legal matters regarding technology, since 2004. These field of expertises (ICT, internet and telecommunications) change rapidly and as a consequence, the law is often running behind the facts. The lawyers of ICTRecht have extensive experience in offering practical support to companies struggling to constantly live up to the needs of the law. One of the several teams within ICTRecht is the legal tech team, specialized in on one hand providing independent advice and on the other supporting clients during the implementation of software, such as Contractify's contract management tool. The legal tech consultants of ICTRecht talk out of experience when stating that the success of software stands or falls with a correct implementation and therefore take the implementation process very seriously.

How can this collaboration help you?

  • Access to legal tech services;
  • Support in correctly implementing legal software.
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