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What are the benefits of a collaboration between JuriBlox & Contractify?

By combining JuriBlox and Contractify, you maintain speed, quality and overview when concluding agreements, both before and after the signature! By gaining insight and maintaining an overview in both phases, you know perfectly where the contract risks are and never miss a termination date.

Over JuriBlox

Before contracts are signed, they need to be drafted or reviewed. Whether you do the initial drafting yourself or receive a draft, JuriBlox provides the building blocks for your work process. Using questionnaires, JuriBlox lets you compile new customised documents in no time, always using the best version. Do you receive a contract from the other party? Then the JuriBlox AI tells you which issues and dealbreakers are in the agreement. The system gives you an annotated version with comments and new text suggestions!

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