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What are the benefits of a collaboration between Monard Law & Contractify?

Monard Law decided to start a collaboration with Contractify, in order to offer contract management as an added service to its legal expertise. Contractify and Monard Law combined, offer in-depth knowledge on how to implement contract management and as a result, making sure that the carefully negotiated contracts within an organisation are being fulfilled. By adding contract management software to the hands-on legal advice and contract work, Monard Law is able to help and assist their clients to work more efficient and proactively.

About Monard Law

Monard Law is a law firm consisting of a highly-motivated team of professionals who are specialized in assisting their clients with the legal challenges that inevitable come with owning a business or organization. These (legal) challenges are becoming more and more complex. This influences every strategy, decision and action and, therefore require solution-oriented thinking and understanding the bigger picture of a business-strategy. Facilitating a sustainable strategy in facing this legal challenges is deeply embedded in Monard Law's DNA. Thanks to this mindset, Monard Law helps a wide range of clients, such as big companies and governments, achieve their goals and mitigate their (legal) risks.

How can this collaboration help you?

  • Access to legal services;
  • Advice and hands-on support in contract registration and follow-up.
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