How Fabrique Fantastique's CEO left his contract worries behind with Contractify

My name is Geert Torfs and I am a producer at Fabrique Fantastique, an animation studio in Lier. In that role, I am responsible for all contracts related to the productions we make and the contacts we have with our foreign broadcasters and partners.

Tell us a bit more about your company

Fabrique Fantastique is an animation studio. We make TV series and films for Ketnet, among others. The best-known series we have made so far is ‘’Ridder Muis’, which can currently be seen on Ketnet and in the Ketnet app. At present, the company has 55 permanent employees. Who are working full time on animating the different films and series we are currently working on.

What problems did you have before using Contractify and what were the consequences?

Before we worked with Contractify we sometimes had difficulties finding the right (version of) contracts, to use them or to verify which agreements were made with the person who worked for us. It became apparent that needed a solution to solve this problem.

What convinced you to start using Contractify?

We found it incredibly easy to find everything in one central place and also be able to share these contracts easily with both internally and externally. We share our contracts, for example, with lawyers, who very often have to refer back to existing contracts or to agreements that we made in the past. That often caused issues, and by bundling everything in Contractify we have solved that problem completely. We also are delighted that Contractify is a Belgian company. We always try to look for a partner close to home in our solutions, who we can talk to in our own language.

What is the impact of Contractify on your company and the way you work?

Contractify has made my work a lot more efficient. It is easier for me to find contracts, to look up agreements, and to check which contracts are expiring. This takes a lot of work out of my hands and I save an enormous amount of time not having to go browse through large folders full of contracts with agreements and different versions. All these versions and all these agreements are now combined in one structured platform, which makes it a lot easier to work with and saves me and the company a lot of money.

Which function in Contractify is the most important for you?

The most indispensable function for me in Contractify is the search function. We try to bundle all our contracts neatly together, but it's really easy to have a free search function to search by keywords, names, tags or different branches that we use. This ensures that we can actually find the contracts we need in no time and efficiently from the huge pile of hundreds of contracts in the system. So I am absolutely a big fan of the search function within Contractify.

Are you satisfied with the use of Contractify?

I am very satisfied and happy with the use of Contractify. As I said, it has made my life a lot easier. The ability to preview contracts, the user-friendliness of Contractify, the ability to easily upload contracts, to add and remove files, makes sure that at any time of the day we have a perfect overview of the current contracts, the value of those contracts and upcoming problems with contracts. So we are extremely happy that Contractify has helped us to solve these specific problems.

The use of Contractify has made my life a lot easier. It has helped us to solve specific problems and as a result, the whole works together more efficiently.

What function would you like to see in the future?

A feature I would like to see in Contractify is editing and sharing of contracts during editing. We notice that we very often have to discuss and edit contracts with partners, foreign partners and other lawyers. It is not always easy to trace those old contacts afterwards, to trace the reason certain changes have been made, to follow up those contracts, to be able to follow up both the current contracts and the contracts that are currently being negotiated within one platform. We would see this as a very great added value.

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