How Contractify made RAAL La Louvière's contract management a whole lot easier

My name is Jonathan Lebrun and I am part of the Operations & Admin department at RAAL La Louvière, a football club in the Hainault province. My department of RAAL uses Contractify to handle our contracts with suppliers or employees and we are very satisfied with the easy to use contract management software.

What problems did you have before using Contractify and what were the consequences?

The biggest problem was paperwork or document management. We had a system where you had to edit the document electronically, print it, scan it again, and so on. Nowadays, we have a platform (Contractify) which is easy to use. All we have to do is upload the documents directly to the platform and get them signed. The other problem was that we had to make arrangements with many people to get all those documents signed. Contractify is therefore very easy in terms of administrative management and time management.

What convinced you to start using Contractify?

We had to start organising a lot, we created Excel tracking files, we simply adjusted the status of the documents, whether they were signed or not, and check whether all the clauses of the contract were in order. In other words, every time we re-scanned a document, we also had to remember to adjust the status of the document in our tracking file, which could sometimes be forgotten. And also for any contractual clauses in the contracts, end dates or other clauses we could include in the contracts, we had to remember to check the contracts themselves to see how things stood. Sometimes we missed a clause or an option that was included in the contracts, so now it is much easier, we are much more relaxed about it because the Contractify system sends us notifications when we are approaching a deadline, so we don't have to keep checking, the system takes care of that for us.

What is the impact of Contractify on your company and the way you work?

I would say it has made a lot of procedures easier. Now, as soon as we have a new contract with a supplier or an employee, everything is handled directly on the platform. We put the documents in the platform and are reassured about the follow-up. All deadlines are scheduled, so it has made the process a lot easier, at least in terms of document management.

Which function in Contractify is the most important for you?

For me, there are two. Signing remotely is a real time saver. The fact that you can instantly download a signed copy of the documents afterwards. But above all, I would say, the reminders about deadlines. In a contract with a supplier, you might be asked for an end date for the contract or simply to return documents by a certain date. So we create all these reminders. This way, we can ensure that we are always on time and we meet the various deadlines in the contracts, so both reminders about deadlines and remote signatures.

Are you satisfied with the use of Contractify?

At the moment, we are very happy with Contractify, it is a platform we want to continue using and we are in the process of making it even more dynamic internally to encourage all our departments to work with this system.

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