How Contec achieved a fluent contract workflow to never miss a contract deadline

I am Kathleen Van Mol and since February 2020 I have been working within Contec as a Care Officer. In this position, I am responsible for both the vehicle fleet as well as monitoring ISO certifications around quality, safety and information security and contract management. Within contract management, I have been assigned some contracts myself to follow up but I am also responsible for following up the other contract owners.

What does Contec do?

Contec is an international engineering company that specialises in improving and automating industrial processes and machines. We have been around for 35 years and have grown into a company of 238 employees spread over 7 branches, including 4 offices abroad in Romania, Poland, UK and France. 

What problems did you have before using Contractify, and what were the consequences?

Before Contec used Contractify, contracts were dispersed among different people. As a result, there was no overall view of the existing contracts and no consistent follow-up. Contracts were often not terminated or renewed in time because of this lack of overview.

What convinced you to start using Contractify?

The main reasons were the firm's growth and the unstructured way of archiving and following up contracts. This made it very difficult to find contracts. Also in the context of business continuity, it was necessary to set up a central system for managing contracts.

What is the impact of Contractify on your company and the way you work?

As the setup was not necessarily related to time or cost savings, it is actually difficult to put into figures. However, it is true that the automation of follow-up via Contractify ensures that contracts can be evaluated in a timely manner and can be renegotiated or terminated in time. Which then again does result in cost savings. 

Which function in Contractify is the most important for you?

The most frequently used function by myself is the search function. The many filtering options allow you to quickly find a contract, even if you don't know the name of the contract.

Are you satisfied with the use of Contractify?

By using Contractify, we managed to set up a central management system in no time. The user-friendly software ensures that new colleagues are quickly familiar with the system and that the follow-up of contracts is very consistent. We also notice that changes are regularly made to the software to further optimise its use. As a result, we are indeed very satisfied with the implementation of Contractify within Contec. 

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