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Say goodbye to tedious manual processes and empower your entire organization to take ownership of contracts.

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Unleash the power of Contractify, the smartest Contract Lifecycle Management platform

From creation to negotiation, signing, and management, our powerful software and seamless integrations, help propel your team forward. Experience the magic of synergy as our integrated solutions turbocharge your contract processes. Streamline. Simplify. Succeed.

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Create contracts

The user-friendly drafting assistant combines your expertise with AI technology.

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    Create contracts effortlessly through a question-based approach
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    Automate legal drafting with customizable playbooks
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    Streamline collaboration with colleagues from sales, marketing, HR, … 
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    Utilize the extensive library of standard business contract templates to expedite the process.
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Sign contracts faster online with secured e-signing in Contractify

Sign contracts faster online with digital signatures.

Sign contracts faster online with legally binding digital signatures:

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    Simple electronic signatures (SES)
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    Advanced electronic signatures (AES)
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    Qualified electronic signatures (QES)

Contractify offers all three types of signatures via integration with DocuSign & Connective. Track your signing statuses & send reminders

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Screenshot from Contractify's contract management software to start a new signing flow

Collaborate & approve

Easily collaborate in finalizing contracts and enjoy smooth and efficient approval flows:

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    Streamline your approval processes with automated workflows
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    Foster collaborative engagement among internal and external stakeholders
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    Enjoy integrated document versioning in the approval process
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    All in a safe and secure environment
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Post-signing management

ADA, our AI contract data analyst, extracts contract data from any contract PDF, including the general terms & conditions and addenda.

➡️ Effortlessly extract critical data such as start dates & termination dates with Ada, our advanced AI technology, and translate it into a clear contract timeline.

➡️ Automated follow-up tasks for termination dates, indexations, return of deposit and more help manage your contracts like a pro.

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