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Can’t find a contract? Or are you lacking an overview of contracts ending in the next 3 months? It’s time to save time and gain valuable insights on your company’s most precious documents. Explore how extended contract filtering can instantly help improve your contract value and processes.

Never waste time on searching for contracts again

Quickly and accurately filter through vast amounts of contract data
Find any contract in 5 seconds with extended search filters (date, status, parties involved, and many more)
Filter through in-contract data with full-document search
Discover easy contract search

Let your contract data do the work for you

Segment your contracts through contract-specific criteria (dates, attachments, responsible,…)
Create contract task overviews or to-do lists for your whole team in mere seconds
Minimize contract risks with an 24/7 up-to-date overview of your contract data
Gain valuable insights from your contracts

Adapt our software to your needs

Adapt your customized contract filters to individual preferences
Work smarter: save your most-used contract filters for later
Let any colleague swiftly locate the information they need within the user-friendliness of your contract vault
Shift to the most user-friendly contract database

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€ 153
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unlimited amount of contracts

automated follow-up tasks

extensive contract reporting

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