What are the benefits of a collaboration between Signhere & Contractify?

The combination of SignHere and Contractify ensures seamless execution of your contract management process. Thanks to SignHere's e-signing integration, you can prepare a contract for signing in a few clicks and then digitally follow up on it and store the contract and its related documents in the right place.  No endless searching for documents in ring binders, folders on the server or email attachment. Everything is just accessible in 1 central place.

About SignHere

SignHere is Isabel Group's digital signature platform. Thanks to SignHere, you can easily and legally sign contracts digitally, monitor signing status of any contract, save it and receive reminders; all from one central environment. SignHere provides easy to qualified eIDAS signatures, on any device. SignHere isa user-friendly, secure and GDPR-compliant way of signing contracts and offers flexible pricing that follows the growth of your business.

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