How Meat & More saves 50% in contract follow-up with Contractify

My name is Margaux. I am a legal administrative assistant at Meat&More. I am mainly responsible for following up rental contracts of all our branches, as well as other legal tasks such as giving advice and screening and managing our contracts in Contractify.

Tell us a bit more about Meat&More.

Meat&More is a food production and retail company employing about 1,500 people. We are best known for our butchery formula 'Buurtslagers' and meal shop 'BonAp'. We are a real family business and with about 200 branches spread all over Flanders, Belgium.

What problems did you have before using Contractify, and what were the consequences?

Before we used Contractify, all responsibilities and contracts were decentralised. Contracts and attachments actually got lost in mailboxes or during position transfers, making it very difficult to maintain an overview. Even once the contract was signed, it was stored on a server or managed in Excel, which was very time-consuming and resulted in unwanted renewals and other missed opportunities. 

What convinced you to start using Contractify?

Mainly the fact that everything is centralised in one place. When all documents, appointments on email and addenda are centralised, fewer gets lost. Also, the fact that you can set up automatic notifications. So when an end or cancellation date approaches, we can actually follow up on the contract more proactively.

What is the impact of Contractify on your company and the way you work?

Contractify certainly saves us more than 50% time in legal follow-up of contracts. Which of course also cuts a lot of costs. With Contractify, legal can also delegate tasks to other departments much easier without losing the helicopter view. Documents etc. do not get lost as easily as before and contracts are followed up much more proactively, which avoids a lot of unwanted costs. 

Which function in Contractify is the most important for you?

The most important function for me are the automated notifications, because this way we no longer overlook tacit renewals or miss out on contract expiry dates. The reporting possibilities are also essential, because they give you a quick overview over large amounts of contract data that you wouldn't be able to find in other tools like Google Drive or Excel.

Are you satisfied with the use of Contractify?

Yes, we do. With Contractify, we have given our legal structure a very strong foundation. It has already made my job a lot easier. Everything is centralised in one place and risks and costs are visibly reduced. In addition, Contractify is very user-friendly. You can upload documents effortlessly and metadata is found in just a couple of seconds. With Contractify, I no longer have to manually search Excel for important info or look for a contract on the server. Apart from the software, I am also very satisfied with Contractify's service and responsiveness.

What function would you like to see in the future?

Currently, Contractify actually offers all the functions that are essential for us and the performance of my job. So I don't really have another specific function in mind for the future.

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